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Orthodontics (braces) is a teeth straightening treatment for misaligned teeth and malocclusion (bad bites). Straight teeth make the mouth healthier, improve appearance, and protect jaw joints. At Bucktown Dental Associates, we combine orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry to create beautiful smiles.

What Causes Crocked Teeth (Malocclusion):

  1. Genetics.
  2. Early loss of teeth.
  3. Faulty restorations such as crowns and fillings.
  4. Gum disease.
  5. Bad mouth habits such as thumb sucking of lip biting.
  6. Using pacifiers after child turns 3 years of age.

Do I Need Braces?

Dr. Elseweifi is highly experienced in orthodontics. He will conduct a comprehensive dental and orthodontic examination to determine if you need braces.

If you have any of the following, you may need braces:

Overbite: Excessive overlapping of the lower teeth by the upper teeth or excessive protrusion of the upper teeth "buck teeth".

Excessive overbite Excessive protrusion of teeth

Under bite: Lower teeth in front of the upper teeth. This is also called  "bulldog appearance” It happens when the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth too far back.

Underbite under bite

Cross bite: Lateral misalignment of the dental arches. The upper teeth would be biting inside the lower teeth.  

Cross bite - crossbite

Open bite — space between the biting surfaces of teeth when the back teeth are brought together. The front teeth do not overlap.

Open bite

Spacing — Gaps, or spaces, between the teeth.

Spacing of teeth

Crowding — Lack of enough space to accommodate all teeth in the dental arch. Teeth will be rotated or misplaced.

Crowding of teeth

How Old Should I be to Have Braces?

With modern orthodontics, age is not a major factor. Both adults and children can have braces. Children should have the proper number of teeth before orthodontics is started.

Will I Need to Have Teeth Extracted for Braces?

Modern orthodontics allow treatment without teeth extraction. Before treatment, Dr. Elseweifi will do detailed analysis to determine the amount of space you have in the dental arches. If space is needed for braces, it can be gained by contouring some teeth or by extraction of teeth.

Do Braces Hurt?

Modern Orthodontics are very comfortable. Braces may cause discomfort at the beginning. Your tongue may keep checking the braces for few days. Discomfort is usually temporary. 

Types of Appliances Used for Orthodontics:

Orthodontic appliances cab be fixed or removable.

Fixed appliances include:

Braces — Braces are a type of fixed appliances that use wires and brackets to treat malocclusion. Braces come as metal braces or clear braces (ceramic). At Bucktown Dental Associates, we offer Cfast braces.

Braces - orthodontics

Habit Appliances — Habit appliance are used to help stop or control bad mouth habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, or lip biting. Bad mouth habits can cause malocclusion and can interfere with normal dental development.

Thumb sucking




Thumb sucking appliance

Space Maintainers — a space maintainer is used to preserve a space or spaces created by early loss of a baby tooth.  Early loss of baby teeth cause malocclusion and teeth misalignment. Space maintainer can be unilateral (preserving space on one side) or bilateral (preserving spaces on both sides)

Unilateral space maintainer Bilateral space maintainer
Unilateral Space Maintainer Bilateral Space Maintainer

Space Regainers: Adding open coil to a traditional space maintainer provides constant, even pressure to gently open space.

Space regainer

Palatal expander — a palatal expander is a fixed orthodontic appliance used to treat narrow dental arches in the upper jaw. It exerts pressure to on the palatal surfaces of upper teeth to expand the bone of the palate. A palatal expander is used before or during braces.

Palatal Expander

Removable appliances include:

Aligners — Orthodontic aligners are teeth straightening appliances that utilize custom made clear retainers that are used to move teeth as an alternative to braces. A series of aligners are used to move the misaligned teeth towards final positions. Aligners include Clear Correct, and Invisalign.

Aligner - Clear Correct - Invisalign

Removable retainers — Removable retainers are used to retain teeth following orthodontic treatment. 

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