Replace your missing teeth with dental implants

Replacing teeth with dental implants is the best option you can have. You can have missing teeth replaced using crowns, bridges, or dentures. Dr. Elseweifi uses a variety of treatment options to replace missing teeth. 

Natural tooth vs dental impalntHow is an implant different from a natural tooth? 

Although they look the same on the surface, they are different. A tooth root is formed of a core of dentin that is covered by a layer of cementum. The root is housed in a bony socket in the jaw and attaches to bone by a suspension system formed of collagen fibers. These collagen fibers are the main part of what is called the periodontal ligament and are one of the components of your gum tissue.

On the other hand, a dental implant is made of titanium. When an implant is placed into the bone, it is first mechanically retained by the screw threads. Over the next few months, bone adheres to the titanium surface of the implant. No fibers are. Because of the lack of gum fibers, dental implants require special dental care to keep the gum healthy.

How long does implant treatment take?

Treatment can range from few months for simple cases to more than a year in complex cases. After exam and x-rays, we can give you an estimated treatment plan time. The time depends on your general health, the amount of bone remaining in the jaw, the quality of bone, and the design of the final restoration, and the needs of the patient.

Types of Implants

Types of dental implantsAccording to implant diameter, an implant may either be:  

  • Standard diameter implant: This is a titanium implant that ranges in diameter from 3 mm to 6 mm. It comes in different lengths to accommodate different clinical situations.

  • Mini implant: A mini implant is less than 3 mm in diameter. It is mainly used on thin jaws where bone grafts are not indicated.


Types of implant tooth replacement

  • Single Tooth Replacement: As single tooth is usually replaced with an implant crown supported by a single implant. The crown is can be made of Zirconia or as a porcelain fused to metal crown. The final crown can be cemented to screwed to the abutment.
  • Bridge Tooth Replacement: Several missing teeth can be replaced by single implants or by a bridge. A 3-unit bridge utilized two implants to replace 3 missing teeth. The bridge crowns are custom made to fit the bridge abutments and to match adjacent teeth
    Single tooth replacement with dental implants Bridge supported on dental implants
    Single tooth replacement Bridge

  • Removable Implant Denture: This method is indicated when many teeth are missing, and enough number of implants cannot be placed. Fewer implants are placed to retain a removable partial or full denture. This method is also useful when there is extensive bone resorption.

Types of implant Dentures:

Implant supported overdentures provide stability, confidence, and better esthetics than traditional removable dentures. They can be removable or fixed.

Removable implant dentures:

  1. Locator implant Denture
    This type of denture can use traditional implants or narrow implants to retain a removable denture. The retention secures the denture to special abutments and offers great stability.
  2. Mini implant denture
    A mini implant denture is a great choice for patients with extensive bone resorption. I stabilizes the denture to ball chapped implant heads.
Locator implant denture Mini implant denture
Locator Implant Denture Mini Implant Denture

Fixed implant Dentures:

These types of dentures are far more expensive than removable dentures. However, they significantly improve stability, esthetics, and quality of life.

  1. Hybrid implant denture
    This is an implant supported full arch fixed restoration that anchors a denture to 6-8 implants. As it is fixed, it cannot be removed by the patient.
  2. All-on-4 implant restoration.
    The all-on-4 dental implants provides a full arch replacement of teeth for edentulous patients using only 4 implants. Patients get a full arch of teeth securely anchored to the jaw bone. You replace your uncomfortable denture with a titanium fixed bridge.
Fixed hybrid denture All on 4 dental implants
Fixed Hybrid Denture All-on-4 dental implants


Can I Afford Implant Treatment?

At Bucktown Dental Associates, we work hard to keep implant treatment affordable.

  • Affordable Through Treatment Options: As an experienced  dentist, Dr. Elseweifi can offer you more than one treatment option. You can always chose a plan than fits you budget.
  • Affordable Through Phased Treatment: Dr. Elseweifi can break your treatment plan into phases. This gives you a better management of your budget.
  • Affordable Through Dental Financing: You will be surprised that your treatment plan can cost you less that $100 / month using our dental financing options.

Read about Dental Financing for dental implants.

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